PopMatters - Graveyard Train Premiere

by Sarah Zupko

East Nashville’s Wild Ponies are a rockin’ Americana band with one hell of a lead singer. Telisha Williams has a powerful set of pipes with an instantly recognizable sound and she plays with a band that can rock the house on amps set to 11, starting a fire with twang-tastic riffs and killer harmonies. Wild Ponies have a new album, Radiant, coming down the pike May 13th via No Evil Records and we are sharing the new single “Graveyard Train” today. The tune is raucous and righteous, highlighted by monster heavy guitar riffs, a ton of attitude and that wondrous voice of Telisha Williams, who evokes Miranda Lambert at her best.

Doug Williams tells PopMatters that “this is one we wrote a while back. Some friends told us about a cemetery in Garland, Texas that is divided by a train track. The train just runs right through there seven times a day. How can you not write a song about that? They even sent us pictures. It’s just a lot of fun to play, in the studio and live. We just kick it off and let it go. Sometimes it gets kind of wild.”
Telisha Williams adds, “My dad was a train man. He worked on them since I was a little girl.  From that, we developed a love for trains and the sounds they make—the whistles and clacking, just rolling along. One of the things we love about living in East Nashville is that we can hear those sounds in our bed at night. It’s actually kind of calming, in a way. Imagine the folks in that cemetery—they get to hear it forever!”

Well, hop aboard the Wild Ponies train because this band huff and puffs and smokes with intensity and passion. With music this good, Wild Ponies are going places.