Want to be a Wild Ponies Wrangler?  Come on!  Join the team!  Here's the deal - Let us know if you see a show listed that you'd like to wrangle and we'll add you to our secret Facebook group.  Here's what it entails - 

1)  Co-host the Facebook Event created by Wild Ponies for your assigned show.  You'll have the chance to share your insider knowledge of Wild Ponies by inviting your friends to the event.
2) We ask that you post about your assigned event once a week for the 4 weeks leading up to the event.  Share videos, pictures, songs, experiences that have made you a fan of Wild Ponies, and why you think that others will enjoy the show.
3)  If you think posters and/or handbills will work in your area, we'll send you the supplies, and you spread the word.
4)  Is there a friend that you haven't connected with for a while that you think would dig what we do?  Give them a call or send them a personal email, inviting them to the show.  This is all about stepping into the circle together.

So, what do you get for your hard work?  Well, you and 1 guest will get complimentary tickets to the show, and a signed set list for the evening! You'll also have access to the Wrangler facebook group where you can connect with other Wranglers.

Sound like a deal?  Take a look at the shows below, and send a message to bass@WildPonies.net to let us know what show you want to Wrangle for.